How to enable / disable game hack for subway surfers

Subway surfers are very much popular and known all over the world. It is a game like the cowboy Minion Rush, Temple tremor. With unique cartoon graphics ultra-clear and prominent, clear characters. Besides attractive and better with audio features, felt like standing on a plank really run away between thousands of passengers sitting on board.

How to enable / disable game hack for subway surfers
Subway Surfers Hack game is a version of the game is a winner. This article will teach you how to turn off, turn on the game Subway Surfers Hack on Android.
Subway Surfers Hack after loading the machine, with fully functional hack like you want to search, it will show you a menu to add beyond the screen, and it will be the shortcut menu to enable features in version subway hack surfers
First open the game setting up
Menu steps 1 activation hack subway surfers click on yellow triangle will open up support hack game menu. Here you can turn off the function of your liking.

Wish you a successful installation and gaming fun!

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