Subway surfers multiplayer online games are the most

Subway Surfers talk one boy Jake about love Graffiti and underground station where he shows his talent. They would have fled before the police get the old man’s constant comfort after Jake mischief on the wagon. The other cop is always sticking to the back foot so quickly overcome various obstacles in front to be able to not be caught.

You will have to use the expertise of four keys are left, right, up is down for keys can pass the carriages, fencing … in subway surf game. But you also do not forget on the way there are many items that support as shoes, coins, skateboards, gift boxes luck …
Please pick up a lot of money to upgrade the character to shop and support the will allow offline.
Subway surfers android gaming will be downloaded via:
Along the way the game Subway Surfers trogn you can see incredibly beautiful neighborhoods and famous
Constantly updating the new character outfits and more attractive stranger
Deliver crisp 3D graphics with funny characters that game yet
Let soak Subway Surfers most prestigious are light and do not forget to share with friends and family through social networks together entertaining game Subway Surfers are light attractive.

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Subway Surfers surf on smartphone games

Subway Surfers is the game is played a lot in 2014 with the game play is quite simple and gentle but extremely attractive, just try once played can be addictive immediately with the player. Subway Surfers is the action adventure game, you will be moving non-stop, and avoid the obstacles on the way to protect their networks is similar to Temple Run 2.

 Subway Surfers surf on smartphone games
When you play Subway Surfers will experience the speed and avoid the obstacles on the road, pass the wagon and picked wisely plenty coins along the way to increase the power and pace yourself. Subway Surfers is designed quite simple and playful youthful colors will surely bring you hours of relaxation on the mobile.
Graphics and sound in the game is very lively and fun creating something new in the gameplay, you play as the mischievous kid is Jake, Tricky and Fresh fled the city when police trng has graffiti on the train carriages. You’ll just have to run and use skis to run quickly and avoid the obstacles on the way to be clever to avoid a police siege hanging behind.
Subway Surfers Features:
– The new version the next trip around the world to the United Kingdom.
– New London landscape with snow-covered.
– Catch as many gifts in the event Weekly Hunts
– Buddy, funny snowman join your team
– Unlock skateboards and additional snowflake ultra cool skateboard
Hurry download the game Subway Surfers on your phone so do not miss this extremely attractive game, besides do not forget to download more games and game Asphalt 8 quiz

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instructions on how to overcome the tasks the fastest in the game subway surfers

Subway surfers include two tasks, daily tasks and main tasks online. Daily tasks are the tasks the player will have to be completed in 24 hours, Please collect the letters as required during the run. If you have not done it after 24 hours to reset the task. The letters will appear in the running, this task easy to do but very attractive prizes, from the 5th day onwards you will get more interesting gift box is lost.

instructions on how to overcome the tasks the fastest in the game subway surfers


The main task is to follow routes throughout the game, completing all three tasks, you can receive the next task. If so, then you can hardly buy Bonus Mission Skip to ignore tasks and perform new tasks.

Lane running at a certain time in 1 – Stay in the same land
Subway Surfers, Tasks the player must run in a lane natural, and will not be passed in time required lane. This task if you scroll below ground will be extremely difficult to wait until the Bonus Jetpack just do it this task, because in flight you will not have to avoid obstacles, the task in Subway Surfers will be very easy to complete. Let Jake autorun fixed in one lane not ply to eat gold

Pick up the mysterious box on the track – Pick Up Mystery Box
This task is quite simple and you just need to pick up 1 to 2 mystery box on the road in the first innings. Try to maintain the running time to be able to pick up gifts lost if lucky you will finish very quickly.

Jump into the train is running – Jump Over Train
You will accomplish this task when there are Bonus Super Sneakers, at which point you will be able to jump over the train is running without worrying about anything. With this bonus thenhay Jake has very high to avoid the obstacles that still collect gold.

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How to play the game Subway Surfers high point

Gold coins used to buy characters, upgrade, skateboard, the use of one-time items, keys, etc in the game Subway Surfers. To earn gold, you have 2 options: Free gold coins: received while on duty, opened gift boxes, etc.
Premium gold: purchase option, which means you have to buy with real money through in-app purchases.

How to play the game Subway Surfers high pointLink:

The first rule you need to do: run as much as possible
This is considered a simple way and can earn the most gold. Why? Because gold can occur if you get Free Coins or Mystery Boxes. Meanwhile mystery gift boxes and free continuous trend appears when you run.

To maximize the number of gold gained per run, you can do the following:
Upgrade Coin Magnet (magnet gold) and Jetpack (boosters) in the store.
Yellow magnet will automatically collect the money when running, boosters will give you the chance to get the maximum number of gold that never encounter obstacles along the way.
Daily duty Daily Challenges

Check Daily Challenges and complete daily tasks and increase its own reward. To accomplish this task, you need to collect all the letters out is required to be collected daily. Note that the devices need an Internet connection at the time the timer hits 00:00:00 to upgrade and get new daily tasks.

You can increase the amount of gold in your account using Super Mystery Mystery Boxes and Boxes or social networking Facebook or earn free coins by making the request in the “Earn Coin” in the Shop.

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Subway surfers play on the computer

As you know Subway Surfers is a very popular mini games fishy mobile platform like Android or iOS. A lot of you will want to play this game on PC by installing BlueStacks Android emulator or heavy. Not required to do so when the current women have Subway Surfers PC version for the PC and Laptop.

Subway surfers play on the computer


Subway Surfers is entertaining mini games and fun when or style Endless Running was released on the mobile platform as the current popular Android, iOS and Windows Phone. A lot of you want to play games on a computer or laptop, but do not do it or do it, but quite inconvenient when playing with the Android emulator heavy.

Forget Android emulator goes public now that Subway Surfers around the world have joined hands to develop a version of Subway Surfers for PC is extremely great. Instead of using the hands glide over the touch screen with the computer version of Subway Surfers you can use your mouse to drag up and down to control.

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Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a Temple Run-style game, Help Jake, Tricky and Fresh where you have to get rid of a railway inspector angry with you spray graffiti on the station. A universal app with HD optimized graphics.

Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers is making fun of Temple Run formats it as something addictive for players and will keep you coming back for more.
And we have found the advantages of it to confirm your return completely accurate.
– Train crew Grind with your cool!
– Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
– Hoverboard Surfing!
– Paint Supply jetpack!
– Lightning fast swipe Tumbling!
– Challenge and help your friends!
Let us enjoy the exciting things out!
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