Subway Surfers Cheats for the Android

Jetpack in the game Subway Surfers which allows you to fly over all of the trains and collect a trail of coins along the way.
Super Sneakers will make your character run faster than normal, and will pick up any coins under them.
Coin Magnet will collect all of the coins in the vicinity around you.
2X Multiplier will double your score while it is active.
All of these power-ups only last a limited time, so make sure you take advantage of them while they’re active. For more information on Power-ups, use our guide to Subway Surfer Power-ups.


Bump Into Barriers

Jump early or jump late and you’ll bump into the red and white barriers without being caught by the inspector and his dog.

Friend Runs Subway Surfers

A cool way to make extra coins is by having your friends run so you can earn additional money. For each 50 friend runs, you will earn a coin bag with valuable coins inside.

Mega Headstart Subway Surfers

If you trigger the Mega Headstart as soon as your mission starts you will immediately be launched into the sky and get an easy 10000+ points without having to jump or roll.

Bouncy shoes

When you have bouncy shoes and you’re in the air you can wipe twice and when you come back down you will jump twice.

Collecting coins easily

You just need to go to the boosts and then click on the mystery box option and click subway Surfers. You will see coins like 5,000, 200, 500, etc, but if you’re lucky you will get 100,000 coins.

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Tips for coins in subway surfers game

Subway Surfers is a surfing game on rails attractive Endless Runner genre familiar, the game had to storm out of the online community and get a lot of gamers love. Hack Subway Surfers can play similar games such as Temple Run and category 2, zombie tsunami … Join the game you will transform into Jake started the journey fled physician protect big belly and aggressive dog . Game Subway Surfers allows transform into different characters bring many interesting and exciting experience for players.


Subway Surfers is a dangerous and chaotic place. Terrorists operate openly – killing thousands; drugs, disease and pollution kill even more.

Subway Surfers an ages old conspiracy bent on world domination has decided that the time is right to emerge from the shadows and control. No one believes they exist. No one but you. Game of the Year Edition of the smash hit Deus Ex features an all-new multiplayer mode and a mode consistent with the first death to new achievements. Also included is. Subway Surfers so you will be able to create a single task and many people from the beginning, as well as edit existing ones.

Subway Surfers allows you to quickly and easily change any characteristics of the car – tune your car to stop on a dime, handles like a dream and do over 650 mph !!
Subway Surfers is a Windows-based application with an easy to use interface that looks and feels like the real game itself.

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Some features in the Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers hack games nonstop runners are a lot of players favorite, Subway Surfers game tells the story of Jake playfully love the art of street painting, subway station is the place where talent boy however, because or graffiti and the carriages that he has been denied protection chasing fat, and non-stop race also starts from here.

Some features in the Subway Surfers

Missions located top left screen is the task you need to complete the game Subway Surfers. Each mission contains the target item and the amount of the reward is displayed when you click on the Mission. You can only do other tasks while surpassed the previous task or ignored through the application task purchase.

Daily Challenge daily tasks in Subway Surfers is the kind of task time limit of 24 hours. Once you have completed the task you need to wait after the timer for 00 to continue to play this kind of task.

Hoverboard: skateboard likely protect you against collisions in 30 seconds. Touch 2 times to activate the skis when running. Note, you can only use the available quantity hoverboard or you can purchase directly when tapping the home screen right skis.

Touch to go to audio settings, reminders, log in Facebook …
Weekly Hunt will vary in each version of the Subway Surf update, you can accomplish this task types in the days or weeks to win the key awards, skis or mystical box.
Click the icon are numbered 6 to receive a daily bonus or receive preferential purchase.

Friends: Here you can participate in windsurfing club on rails, compare scores with friends in the country and the world

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How to earn more coins in the game subway surfers

Subway Surfers is a game a lot of people shaking love, play a simple but attractive players, probably due to its addictive nature. Characters in the game are the favorite of young doctors painted graffiti protection was chased station for graffiti and the carriages in the station, the journey begins with a lot of interesting challenges, to gaming and many more exciting experiences you need to have more money to buy items and much more. In this article to download the game for your phone send you some great tips Game Subway Surfers rails uproar earn the most gold.

How to earn more coins in the game subway surfers
Running and running which is considered the easiest way to make a lot of gold, because on the way gold can occur if you get Free Coins or Mystery Boxes. Meanwhile mystery gift boxes and free continuous trend appears when you run.
Check Daily Challenges and complete daily tasks and increase its own reward. To accomplish this task, you need to collect all the letters out is required to be collected daily. Note in Subway Surfers that the devices need an Internet connection at the time the timer hits 00:00:00 to upgrade and get new daily tasks.
A large amount of gold coins that can be set at random:
Running: you can get 1 to 2 items on each run, when finished let characters crash into obstacles if you want to. Running from scratch and earn extra items.
Ministry tasks: x30? Complete quests to earn more additional Super Mystery Boxes!
Daily tasks: completing the task sequence Daily Challenges 5 days in a row to get 1 Super Mystery Box.
Open prize Mystery Box Prizes: you can get 200-250, 500, 1000, 1500, 5000 even if the lucky 100,000 open gift box. Super Mystery Boxes even award of this kind also double gift box Mystery Box.

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The items in the subway surfers

Subway surfers is a game to attract more players, with simple gameplay, stunning graphics remain the choice of many people after stressful working hours. To play the game, players should be aware of the uses of the items that the game offers.

The items in the subway surfers


Main hoverboard skateboard in the game Subway Surfers help you move faster, as well as the security guard fled the station with aggressive dogs as quickly as possible. When this property skateboard you will be flying in the air flying 30 seconds without worrying about crashing

Jetpack is extremely boosters in the game Subway Surfers dangerous, when owning this item you will be tied more missiles at their feet, help fly fast and ultra-fast speed in a certain time period. You can earn free Jetpack runs on his line, and then use the collected soon after, this time you can avoid all obstacles along the way, nice fast as rockets fly.

Super Sneakers items are equally dangerous and remote help to increase the height of the jump usual, this is such items as shoe springs, can earn free on its running track.

Coin Maget was dubbed a miracle magnets, as well as the name it can absorb all encountered gold coins on the track, so you simply need to collect other objects encountered on the road, gold coins also be assured on the ability of Coin Maget

Mega Headstart likely shorten your journey, when owning this item you no longer have to worry about the pursuit of protecting paunchy uncle too. This kind of items that can be collected through the mysterious gift boxes on the track or purchase in the game shop system for 2000 coins.

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Subway Surfer Game Guides

Subway Surfers adventure game is extremely attractive on the phone, is designed quite simply, gently playful colors, beautiful images vivid and exciting game will give you the incredibly relaxing moments comfortable. When participating in the game, you will play the mischievous boy Jake, Tricky and Fresh fleeing police because graffiti on a train.

Subway Surfer Game GuidesLink:
First, you should know that the tasks in the game include two main types of daily tasks and main tasks online. If the daily task requires you to pass in the days before the 24 hours, the main task is the task sequence routes throughout the game, as the tasks with levels from easy to difficult, but you need to overcome to achieve commensurate rewards.

To complete the task every day in the game Subway Surfers, you need to collect a sufficient number of letters to be required in the process of being chased. Each day, the system will automatically reset the different letters. Rest assured that when you lose the middle of it plays next letter will appear on the way to your next gathering. This is a fairly easy task to overcome, but the rewards received quite tasty. During day 1 to day 4, you pass and just get gold (coin), but to day 5 if overcome will receive magic Box Express (Super Mystery Box) has the ability to open several times normal gold also as other rare items.
As for the main quest line, you need to pass the milestone 3 new missions are up 01 new milestone. If the 3 tasks extremely difficult task, you will also “stalled” at current levels. New super hard this task, it’s best to plow gold, in the store and buy bonus “Skip Mission” (ignoring the task) to help take time and effort plowed game.

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